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Dear Tay Smith:

Publisher of the Press and Standard

On my recent invited trip as a Journalist for the Press Tour organized by David Smalls and Donna Laird of the Walterboro-Colleton Chamber of Commerce, I was overwhelmed by the Southern Charm so graciously given to me while in town. My faith has been restored!

As a South Carolinian, now living in Florida, Walterboro brought me back home to “dripping moss”, Southern sweet tea, friendly people and gracious living! I have missed those greetings of “Good Morning!”, “How you doing?”, “So glad to see you!” , “Welcome!”, “Bless your heart!”, “Thank you!” and “Come over to see me sometime!” For some reason in Florida we hear, “Oh, it’s you again!”, “You still alive?”, “When you going North?”, “What’s up?”, “This place is too hot for me!” and “I thought you were dead!”

The friendship offered to me was like being home again and seeing all of my friends. Although I have never been to Walterboro, but passed by it many times, I will never make that mistake again.

From the very comfortable Hampton Bed and Breakfast, my special tour through the Great Swamp Sanctuary, the very impressive Bachelor Hill Antiques, the beautiful Orange Grove Place, the downtown district of Walterboro and walking tour of historical sites, the exceptional Artisans Center. a county tour to Edisto Island and Botany Bay Plantation, the kick-off for Antiques, History and Arts Festival and the delicious BBQ and the fun of the Tractor Parade; I will remember each and every moment and think back to them while sweltering away this Summer in Flagler Beach, Florida.

From my first meeting with your Mayor, Bill Young, Chief of Police, Otis Rhodes and City Manager, Jeff Lord, I became a citizen in my heart for the day! How lucky you are to have those elected officials and other chosen leaders who care and love their Walterboro!

As I said goodbye and drove out of town on my sad day, I will always look back and wonder, “What the heck was I thinking about when I had the idea that Florida was Paradise!” Bring me back home and bury me in the low country.

Thank you, Walterboro! You are fantastic and I will be telling my readers all about ya!

Glenn Arnette, lll

International Travel and Entertainment Journalist

[email protected]

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