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By Glenn Arnette, lll

It is almost time for the Holiday Season and I have found something during my travels that will absolutely excite you. Have you ever tried to find the perfect “scent of Christmas”? You know, the smell of the tree! Each year I try them all, but this year I finally found the one I have been looking for.

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE is the perfect blend of fresh Douglas fir, sweet musk, warm vanilla, crisp winter air and enchanting Christmas magic. Harry Slatkin of Slatkin and Company, New York, has created a wonderful collection of candles and sprays to enhance your Holiday party.

Hold for a moment as I give my house another spray! Each time I give it a shot, people immediately comment on how the tree smells so real. Usually I tell them it is not the tree, but sometimes it is so much fun to say, “The trees are so fresh this year!”

Now, you can find this exceptional product right in your own home town. Just go to your Mall and find a Bath and Body Works Shop or go on your computer to Believe me, and most of you do, you will email your thanks many times.

There are also two other scents for the season; i.e., THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS SPICE and THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS WINTER. Both are “delicious” and again perfect for making your home a Holiday delight. Frankly, it is about time someone finally knows how to bring the feeling of the Holidays in the form of a spray or candle. Obviously, Mr. Slatkin knows his business.

With the “scents” of the Holidays, a few Christmas lights, a little garland, some seasonal music and a few members of the family, you have created the real spirit of love. Give THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS to all of your friends as a gift or a house warming “hello” when you go to a cocktail party. They will love it!

Now there is just one other exciting value for the Holiday. Recently, I was looking through the window of a new Lowe’s Store opening in the area and saw a nice white artificial Christmas tree with white lights. I rushed to the tag to see my newly discovered value and to my complete surprise it cost almost $200 and the tree was only 7 feet tall. Too expensive for my blood, so I headed for WALMART and found a 6 ½ foot white tree with 400 white lights for only $29.95. So I bought 6 for a starter!

White trees are “in” this year and the tall skinny trees are out. The green tree, artificial or real, are still the tops on the list. So get with the program! Truly the best buy for artificial trees are found at WALMART. 

 I know, I went to Target, Sam’s, Costco and others. This WALMART tree is full and beautiful and worth every penny!

Now that I have completed decorating for this year with 20 Christmas Trees up and finished, it is time for the party season to begin. However, the lights will not come on until Thanksgiving night. So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you EARLY! Now get started!

Remember the true meaning on Christmas and enjoy your time with the family!

Until next time, remember I am out there finding travel opportunities and adventures for all. Just think, it’s almost time for the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall and the Macy’s Day Parade once again! Get ready for the Season!

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