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New Featherweight Wallet Technology!

By Glenn Arnette, lll

I have a new buddy and believe me I can’t live without “it”! It has been advertised in all of the leading magazines and you have probably seen it in the Sky Mall Magazine on your travel flights around the Country. It is truly like having a best friend, as you can always depend on it. 

 Thank you for being there when I need you!

Congratulations to James Tiscione, the CEO of Enterprises, Inc. and the Inventor of my buddy, the ACM 6 or 12 Card Wallet. How did I ever keep up with ID, Credit, Debit, Sam’s, Cosco, Bj’s Credit and Membership Cards? My Card Wallet is definitely the answer. This is the perfect way to organize, select and protect YOUR CARDS from demagnetization. Each ACM includes 18 interchangeable icon pads and a removable money clip and fits easily into your pocket or purse. Men, the 6 Card Wallet is the perfect one for you to carry in your pocket, jacket, or travel case. Ladies, the 12 Card Wallet give you plenty of room for those “many” NEEDED Credit Cards and there is not problem finding your friend easily in your purse. Regardless of what you decide is good for your needs, this is a wonderful and exciting invention designed with you in mind.

In speaking with James Tiscione, the inventor, he said, “What started as a practical invention to keep cards organized and lasting longer is now becoming a new trend in the way people carry their cash and cards.”

For information and how to order go to their website at or email them at [email protected] You can also call your orders in between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM (GMT) at 866-791-7905. You will thank me a thousand times! By-the-way the prices are very reasonable!

If you want the most unusual Holiday gift or have something personal for you to start the New Year off right, order this Wallet! It will impress all of your friends and when you use it, people will admire your selection. It happens to me all the time!

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