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“This Is Going To Be Serious!”

By Glenn Arnette. lll

Here we go! Another year and here comes the Swine Flu, H1N1. This will change the way we live and travel. You will see more cars on the road, regardless of the gas prices and more weekenders close to home

with family.

Recently in the news they were telling us how safe the “air” in the airlines is for travelers. Now I am not so sure about a sneeze flying around an airtight cabin. Yes, they have filters on the planes, but that will not satisfy me when someone across the aisle from me explodes with germs. I am paranoid already, but with the H1N1 snooping around, my plans will change. We hope for the best!

Soon I will be flying to work a couple stories in Maine. I will board the airline in Orlando, Florida (known for International Travel) and fly direct to Portland. Depending on the situation at the time, I will decide whether or not to take and use a mask. Now I am not ready to go that far, but sanitizer is another thing. It is almost to the point that it would be easier to wear rubber gloves. I will stop shaking hands, I will not go around anyone with a cold, I will not hang out in large crowds, I will not go to the Mall as much and I will not go grocery shopping except when the refrigerator is bare. I feel like I am becoming a prisoner for my own sake.

Kids / Students, OMG run! They say that will be the problem. The germ will be passed around to those in school, brought home, given to families and friends and then passed along to others they come in contact with. We are DOOMED! The Christian television is telling us to stock up with DRY FOODS and batteries. It is time to build a shelter! I feel like the flood is coming and I am going to be the first person swimming for my life. HELP!

Now that I have scared you to DEATH, it is time to tell you to simply be practical. Wash your hands, avoid people that are sick and only travel when you need to. Better yet, take a car trip. The germs belong to you. You will be thinking about it during the months ahead. Be cautious and carry that little bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go. Remember to spray the phone, remote control, handles and anything else people come in contact with. If for any reason you happen to catch the H1N1 virus, stay at home, isolate yourself and take care of the situation. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

As I leave to start my Fall travels, I hope you will find some of our new travels discoveries exciting. I have decided to take the bull by the horn and make these trips regardless. God help the person who even blows their nose next to me. I just thought about something! What if I sneeze? Until next time, live, love and be happy. Whatever time we have left is going to be the best of time!