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The Charm of Savannah With A Modern Flair!

By Glenn Arnette, lll

Your imagination can run wild and you can actually live your dreams when it comes to Savannah Dream Vacations. There is something about a class act when working with Jeanne-Marie Everson to plan your perfect vacation in one of America’s finest “Southern” locations; Savannah, Georgia. OMG!

To start my adventure I want to compliment those responsible for making my time in Savannah one of the best trips ever! Jeanne-Marie, Geoffrey, Roman and Manderly and all the others (Tiffany and Laura) certainly know how to allow a person a good time.

First of all we arrived at this lovely Carriage House located right in the heart of the historical district of Savannah at 101 East Waldburg Street, settled in and immediately prepared ourselves to be picked up by Classic Caddy Tours in the most exciting 1960 long black “Batman” Cadillac. 


I felt fantastic riding around watching all of the people react to the beautiful car. This is a must while in Savannah! The tour takes you through the historic district with full personal narration and a drive down Victory Drive and the Bonaventure Cemetery.

What excitement I had visiting the cemetery. You could spend days there, alive and discovering the dead! Johnny Mercer, the Academy Award winner, was buried there with all of his family. He is truly one of the Savannah son’s. Now, a Classic Caddy Tour is not complete without a stop at Tubby’s for a cocktail to keep you going. After gathering our drinks we were back in the car heading for a tour of Tybee Island. This was my first time there and you can certainly understand why so many people love it. It was very old, quaint and romantic. But let me tell you about the food at the Crab Shack!

Take my word for it and order the seafood platter dinner for two. It really serves four people and you will be ecstatic, out of your mind, gulping down everything from fresh crab, shrimp, sausage and more. You will never eat it all! I loved this place and sat outside on the dock overlooking the water surrounded by large fans keeping every bug away and making it a cool relaxing evening under the moss laden trees. Take me to paradise again “Savannah Dream Vacations!” After a wonderful time sharing stories and adventures with the gang, it was back to the Carriage House for a night of rest, as tomorrow was going to be even more exciting.

The Carriage House is one offering on the properties. Geoffrey and Roman have four other historical homes surrounding the Carriage House and they are magnificent.

The décor is impeccable, the colors are exceptional and each room’s ambiance screams European! 

First class in every way!

You will certainly enjoy your stay located on looking the “Crown Jewel” known in Savannah as 

Forsythe Park.

The next morning started with a stroll across the park to this delightful coffee shop. The coffee was superb and the place so reminiscent of my college years. It certainly made me feel “yuppy” again! From that point it was a walking tour through all the parks on Bull Street, passing most of the famous landmarks.

Now I never thought I would ever walk anywhere in the heat of the summer, but this tour was cool and protected against the direct sun. Trees and more trees lined the entire walk, each dripping with moss swaying in the breeze. People were everywhere relaxing on the grass, having lunch or snacks, running, exercising and more. It made us comment on how Central Park (New York) it seemed while walking. Once at the water you end up on River Walk and the shopping begins. This is the river they dye green for the St. Patty’s Celebration each year and it’s also the famous party street of Savannah. After shopping for a short time and stopping for a bottle of water, it was back to the Carriage House for my afternoon massage, PLEASE! 

You can’t imagine how wonderful it was having my legs, feet and body massaged after a morning of walking. Heaven, bliss, sleep, all were a part of the experience by my professional Manderly! She has the best hands in Savannah and is the one to contact through Savannah Dreams Vacations when going to Georgia. When the massage ended I had a moment to sleep before showering for an evening at the lovely decadent restaurant in the historic area called Local 11-Ten.

Our personal private little room near the vault just beyond the bar was the perfect spot to be to enjoy great conversation. The dinner was exceptional and beautifully served and when accented with cocktails and wine you knew you were in one of the best spots in Savannah. After a few hours, it was time to go back for my final night in the Carriage House.

My two nights and days were beyond anything I ever thought they would be. That is because of those connected with Savannah Dream Vacations. 


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