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Why Portsmouth?

By Glenn Arnette, lll

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is known to be one of the best places to do business and a “mini Boston” where one can live, relax and enjoy life in every way!


On my recent visit to Kittery, Maine, I crossed the bridge into New Hampshire and discovered a quaint alive village where the people are happy and delighted to meet tourist visiting the area. Imagine a place listed as one of the best markets to find a job, a top 25 Arts destination or listed as one of the hottest small cities in America. That sounds good to me! 

I found it a “morning coffee” and “a homemade sweet rolls and bread place” with no pretense about anything. People there seem very happy and it does not have the economic and depressed feeling found in so many places around the country. It was even named one of the “most romantic cities” and one of the best places in the Northeast to buy an old house. It is number 26 in the world and number 6 in New Hampshire among “historic places”. ForbesTraveler called it one of America’s prettiest Towns and an exceptional

shopping destination!

It sounds to me like a “marketing campaign” to get the people to move there, but it is all true. It was voted by National Geographic Magazine as number 26 in the world and number 6 in New Hampshire among “historic places”! Business Week Magazine calls it the best small cities for startups!

The most impressive part of Portsmouth is it location to Maine, Boston and other surrounding beaches and villages. They are also known as one of the best places for Artistic people. There are wonderful historic homes, cottages and New England styles homes in every price range. The weather offers four seasons, and I think my favorite time is Winter! It amazes me how those living in snow hate it and those without it want it!

Finally, how about the title as a “delicious destination?” No doubts, the food is fantastic from fresh fish, lobster, steaks and quality, quality, quality!

Why Portsmouth, New Hampshire? It is truly a perfect vacation place for the entire family. It is dog friendly and most of all family friendly! So bring the entire group! If you are thinking about relocating to this wonderful part of the United States, give my friends at Old Port Properties a call (603-766-0424) and ask for Jeff Mountjoy. He will help you in

every way!

Oh, I forgot it is known as the best walking city in New Hampshire and number 58 in the top 100 most walkable cities!

What else can I say? Just plan a trip to New Hampshire and make sure to visit Portsmouth. Fall is a wonderful time for festivals, weekend fun and explosive color! It is really a movie set!

Next time I will be telling you about a few of my favorite finds this year in my visit to Maine 2011. Until then, visit for other travel features or email me your travel thoughts [email protected]