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From the Cities to the Countryside!

By Glenn Arnette, lll

You imagine this place and have visions of it from the movies, but until you actually stand on the beautiful cliffs overlooking the Irish Sea you have not lived until you visit the ruins of the Dunluce Castle at the Giants Causeway in the country of Ireland. There is something that beckons one to the beauty of this place. It is beyond what one might think!

England and Switzerland were always my favorite places for many reasons, but put them on the back burner when it comes to Ireland. My recent tour of Northern Ireland was steeped with history and dotted with the adventures of the future. From Belfast to the grave of Saint Patrick in Downpatrick, seaweed baths at Soak Seaweed to the breathtaking Lough Erne Resort where golf is their prime offering, you have only started on your vacation of a lifetime. There is never a dull moment and there is always something more exciting and more beautiful around each and every corner.

Flying from my departure city of Orlando, I had the enjoyment of Continental Airlines. Once we landed in New York we had time to change planes and depart for the six hour flight to Ireland. Life in Ireland is quiet, no rush and a relaxing lifestyle with opportunities for all ages. From the best in restaurants, resorts, entertainment and the people, you will always remember your experiences and want to go back over and over again.

My visit to the Saint Patrick Centre certainly gave me an insight to Ireland’s Patron Saint. Ego Patricius explores the legacy of St. Patrick in a magnificent multi-media presentation. After the saint’s story you walk over to the Down Cathedral and St. Patrick’s grave. It is first and foremost a place for meditation and worship, not only for the local congregation and the clergy and people of the Church of Ireland Diocese of Down, but for all Ireland and beyond who cherish the faith of Patrick. The beauty of the historical cathedral and the surrounding views are extremely awe inspiring and a perfect place to start a visit in Ireland after landing in Belfast.

Next we are off the Newcastle for an experience I will never forget. The multi award winning SOAK Seaweed baths is the only bathhouse of its kind in the UK. SOAK SEAWEED offers hot seawater and fresh seaweed baths. A session takes place in a private bathroom and starts with a short steam in an individual steam cabinet in order to open the pores ready for the bath. The seaweed bath then detoxifies the body and enriches the skin with vitamins A & K, giving a natural glow. Finally the skins pores are closed with a freshwater jet spa shower leaving you ready to face the world again! It was like stepping back in time with claw tubs, steam cabinets and cold showers. Why, when I finished my soaking, I felt like a new man! The hard part for me was my 6’5” tall, slightly overweight body sliding down into the claw tub. Try not to vision that experience. My biggest worry was when I accidently unplugged to stopper in the tub with my butt and the seaweed started running into the drain. All in all, I was younger for a few hours and certainly would enjoy another seaweed bath when I return. Now it has me thinking about collecting seaweed off the Flagler Beach and throwing it into my tub. LOL

Tired and ready for a good night’s sleep, we headed to the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa in Down. Just wait until next week when I tell you about the plush accommodations you can enjoy at this most prestigious resort in Northern Ireland. Preview their information by searching the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa, Ireland.

Until next time and the continued story of Ireland, visit the International website at:

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