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“Are You Kidding Me?”

By Glenn Arnette, lll

The more I think about how restricted we are as human beings makes me wonder where the democracy is going. When I was a child, we had freedoms. In High School I had responsibility. After college, it was time to focus and make money. Today it is no money and less understanding.

Why in the world would you try to block an excellent money source like the Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Rally with so many limitations? I always found Bike Week to be exciting and a real opportunity to be a part of the “buzzing” world. I felt in the groove watching everyone cruise around with Biker Babes enjoying our Grand Strand and its offerings. The merchants were ringing in the money, there were lots of smiles, motels and hotels had their cash registers full and everyone was getting along. People had fun shopping the “vendors” and hitting the “malls”. Why did you curtail the excitement of the Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Rally?

The economy is going to Hell, and the leaders of Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand decided to “squash” the fun of the Rally for 2009? When you put heavy rules and restrict vendor space and create new laws to run the customers away, you must be reading the wrong newspaper! People are being evicted and thrown out of the homes, jobs are being lost, shops are closing and you decide the Bikers are a pain in the neck. Duh! People need jobs! Excuse me, Bikers have money and lots of it and they love to “spend” and give to charities. They play hard and the pay hard. Has anyone forgotten the SHRINERS? They seemed to always have a good time. Whatever happened those great days when everyone turned their heads to their fun!

Don’t get me wrong. I am the first person to love and promote the Grand Strand. It really hurts to hear Bikers talking in Daytona Beach and Sturgis about never returning because of what you are trying to do. By-the-way, what are you trying to accomplish with these new decisions. Funny how you limited the “vendors” this year? Where are you going to make up all that money for the City and County? Your charged them a fortune to start with by requiring the license. The citizens should really get involved and find out who is thinking all the crazy thoughts. Some say noise, others say trash, then you have those that are just above it all. People, you had better “get your grove on” and be willing to bring big money back into the beach. There is nothing wrong with the Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Rally and a little noise. Crazy times are not that bad when being paid!

Every event has problems. The Rally does but so does everything else. None of us agree with drinking and biking and we do not agree with drinking and driving. Now we have the cell phone problem and uninspected automobiles. Come on, are you afraid of being famous for Suck, Bang, Blow! Now that is a real place to be. Frankly it is like living a movie when you go down to Murrell’s Inlet for a burn out. You will see every form of Bike from Harley to Indian, customized to extravagant with all sorts of wheels. The Grand Strand should be for the people. Get that excited” planning committee” back together and do everything in the “grand way” like it use to be. The old die off and the new ones take over, but take from those that are gone and make it bigger and better, not silly and boring! Get back to an open door policy and bring Myrtle Beach long timers, born and bred, back into the fold. Some of you new guys are way off base and trying to run the place like New York. Man, Myrtle Beach is the Grand Strand for all the people. 

 The South is still alive and the war is over!

Surely Myrtle Beach has not become just a retirement community? You certainly were not when I lived there. Some of us old guys “kinda” get a kick out of looking and remembering. It is not all about big motels, rides, parks and theatres. There are a few of us left willing to enjoy a cinema, restaurant, bar, lounge and a cycle ride. And I would love to have a “hot” Biker Babe anywhere! You have your reasons, but try to relax and let the business owners and interested citizens have their day too. The Grand Strand is and will always to the place to be. Remember the number one reason we all flock back to the beach, SUN! Have fun Bikers use a little suntan lotion and hope that next year the Grand Strand will open its arms and welcome you back again! If not, I know a place in Florida that will almost pay you to come home!

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