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The Sleigh Is Ready To Fly! Is Your Package On Board?

By Glenn Arnette, lll

What does Christmas mean to you? Does it bring happiness into your life? How can you not have great memories when you see all the sparkling lights and hear the wonderful songs of the holiday?

To me it is a blessing from God honoring the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. The carols always tell the story of that night in Bethlehem and how Mary gave birth in that lowly stable. The star announced his arrival to the Wise Men and the world was given the gift of love. How could you not feel His presence during this season of joy?

It is amazing how the excitement during this time of year brings to life a jolly man who travels the world bringing visions of sugar plums that dance in your head. His jolly laugh bounces his belly and his smile can unite the world for a few moments in time.

Santa Claus is my friend! I really believe, not only as a child when those special toys were found under my family tree, but now even more than ever. To me Santa is happiness, love, family, joy and most of all “memories” never to be forgotten!

My belief became stronger when I happened upon the wonderful little village of Georgetown, Colorado. This is a magical place and generates the real spirit of Christmas. There is powder snow, Victorian Carolers, warm cider and the excitement of a Charles Dickens world allowing you to dance, sing and be a part of what you might imagine as “the real Christmas!”

Because of the movie, “The Christmas Gift”, starring John Denver, I made my visit in Georgetown for many years. Knowing that this is the place to send my Christmas letter to Santa, each December I take a moment to prepare my special thoughts and then rush to the post office and mail my letter to the postmaster for delivery to the North Pole. I am sure a number of you are saying, “You have got to be kidding.” No, serious, I know in my heart there is a Santa and he is always there when I need him the most. Believe me; I need that burst of spirit each year starting around October! It seems to be earlier each year.

Now, bring out your tree, string the lights, play those Christmas songs and start dancing and prepare for a joyous occasion. Santa is in your heart! He is a part of your imagination! He is alive and will always have a letter from this man, one of his biggest fans!

So, here is my letter to Santa for this year 2011. I mailed it the second week of November and he already knows my thoughts. Open your heart and know that Christmas is a celebration and that Jesus Christ is the reason, and Santa is the spirit allowing our love to shine and radiate throughout the world.

I wish a Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. May your dreams and blessings come true. On that Christmas morning I will be praying for you and asking God to watch over us and care for us throughout the years to come. God Bless!

2011 Dear Santa:

Well, it is another year and now I am 72 and I still believe in you! This year I want to thank you for the wonderful memories and the love shared with all of my family and friends. Those memories have lasted all these years.

I wanted to take the time to send my letter to you and let you know that I really do not need anything this year but continued happiness and good health. That is all that matters now! Now I love giving back those memories to those in need.

For those many people in need and have great sadness in their lives, grant them your love and remember to stop by with your gifts this year for each and every one of them.

I will have cookies and milk for you as usual and will try to get to bed early giving you plenty of time for your visit.

Give my love to Mrs. Claus and all of the many workers you have helping you. I can imagine how exhausting it must be to ready yourself for your flight across the world.

God bless you, Santa! This older man will never forget! You have and always will be a shining light in my life!

Until next year,

Glenn Arnette, III