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By Glenn Arnette, III

It is amazing how things are changing in the travel industry. Everyone is sincerely looking for the special bargains and value for the dollar when considering where to go for that long awaited vacation. I receive many emails asking what I would consider to be a good opportunity of travel. I have many answers, but recently I discovered one of the most peaceful places you can enjoy and afford. This is Maine and the villages of Kittery and York Beach (Long and Short).

Maine is quiet and peaceful with wonderful people and scenery that can rival any other location in the United States. You will find many museums, historical places to visit, some of the best restaurants in the country, LOBSTER, beautiful rocky beaches where the waves crash against the shore, entertainment

and more.

I am the type of traveler seeking towns and villages, not Cities, to enjoy my break away from the rush of life. Kittery, Maine offers total relaxation and vacation memories you will long remember. If you are a shopper, they have the best “outlet” collection you will find anywhere. If you are into finding fantastic values, this is a major stop for your vacation. As a matter of fact, you should fly into Portland, Maine, rent a car from Enterprise (the best value) and stay in the Kittery area, which is about central to all of the other areas. One of my most exciting discoveries was a shop called, “When Pigs Fly”. You would never imagine that this is the name of Maine’s famous Sourdough BREAD Company. You must try the Banana, Pecan, Maple and Brown Sugar Bread or the Orange Roasted Pistachio and Cranberry Bread or the Mango, Pineapple, Raisin with Toasted Sesame and Ginger Bread. They are delicious and there are dozens of others even better that the ones mentioned. To discover and order from this fantastic company, google: When Pigs Fly! From jams to bread and so much more you will be on the phone placing an order. (207) 439-3114.

Wait, this is only the beginning. I discovered Maine thanks to my second family, Bea and Fred Lebrun and their family , who moved away from Florida back to what they call “Paradise”. There is never a dull moment when you are with this group. Seapoint (within ten minutes from downtown Kittery) is a spot on the shore that is something right out of a movie with wide beaches, rocks, crashing waves and all by itself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the perfect place to walk and enjoy the real beauty of life.

After the walk, head over to Warrens Lobster House for dinner. They have been serving lobster, seafood and other specialties since 1940. When you Google them you can find all the information you will need including discount lunch and dinner coupons. You will love this place located on the water next to the famous Memorial Bridge in the heart of the area.

You might think I am “nuts”, but there are a number of other people that feel the same way I do about my next stop! It is the “Freebie Barn” located at the Kittery DUMP! On Wednesday and Saturdays you will find hundred unloading “stuff” they want to throw away and another hundred or two trying to go through the “junk” to find free values and treasures to take home. It is a riot, and I found myself right in the middle of the action. Now when I am there, I beg my friends to take me! To my surprise you can Google: Kittery Freebie Barn and there it is! This is a must!

Ever look for that perfect cup of coffee in the mornings? You can find it if you drive across the Memorial Bridge to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where you will find coffee shops on every corner. My friend Donna and I, Bea and Fred’s daughter, always have coffee there! So you should join us!

Just down the road about thirty minutes away is York Beach, Long and Short beaches. This is definitely out of the late 30’s where many houses line the beach and some hang on the cliffs as you head toward the Nubble Point Lighthouse. This is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world and stands on its on private island just over the rocks in the crashing sea. What a snapshot opportunity even in the dead of Winter, which I find to be my most beautiful time there.

When leaving the beaches after walking along the cliffs and rocky beach, you head to the York Harbor Inn where you must can stay the night or just enjoy fine dining and their wonderful pub! The prices are extremely reasonable and certainly a place to visit! There you will find the best Lobster and Corn Chowder created by the renowned Chef Gerald Bonsey. This alone along with a nice cocktail from the bar is a meal in itself. Believe me, when I suggest that this is a MUST. While there, meet the Chef!

There is so much more, but the space is gone! Maine is all about enjoyment and certainly one of the best places to vacation. Just remember take time to travel and enjoy yourself. You can Google me: Glenn Arnette, lll and discover other exciting adventures. Have a wonderful EASTER HOLIDAY!