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Munch or Giver?

By Glenn Arnette, lll

Once upon a time there was the village of Snow Flurry where hundreds of happy people worked and played. One day a scrawny wretched little man named Munch arrived to change their love to hate and their smiles to frown. It was a day when their world was darkened by greed and lack of emotion caused by this very stingy man. Munch was a creature of destruction causing people to doubt and fear the future. He took control and they eventually allowed themselves to question and they lost the ability to care. Is that where we are today in this modern world we live in?

Christmas should bring happiness and enjoyment regardless of each situation. Those “with” should give to those “without.” Those “without” should find happiness in knowing that some do care. Are you a caring person during this holiday season? Do you ever stop to think how fortunate some people are to have good health and dreams toward the future? Imagine not having anything and still caring to see another day with hope. We are all that way regardless of our lives. The future can only bring happiness if we strive to accomplish something each day with a cause.

Those living in poverty and on the street because of our world situation find hope the only thing that will keep them alive. Those in mansions dream of opportunity and sometimes forget that only one little misstep can end all that they have.

Giving thanks in any way is so important. If you can only give a nickel, give with love. If you give hundreds or thousands of dollars know that you can spread the love. Being a “humbug” comes from within and has nothing to do with prominence. We are all created equal and God never forgets. Remember if there is nothing more to give, give a smile or a warm hug. A simple wrapped gift can bring joy! It is not what is inside that counts, it is how you give it or receive it.

So this wonderful Holiday season, reach out to all. Pray for all and be willing to give, love and care for each person. Imagine how wonderful this world could be if each of us would reach out with open arms to help each other. This is Christmas! 

I guarantee that is you offer something of yourself this year, you will be blessed. Some call it a tithe, I call it sharing. BE CHEERFUL AND PASS IT ON! Your reward for giving is peace within. Make it your special moment to give to someone something beyond your imagination. That can be as simple as shaking a hand and saying, “Merry Christmas”.

You in your lifetime must have seen a child’s eye when he/she “knows” that Santa Claus did stop by their house to leave toys and surprises. But what you might have missed is how much they “believe” when they see that Santa did eat the cookies and drink the milk.

Now, become a gift for some special person or that man on the street out of a job because of the economy and not of his own doing. You do it by taking that one step and extending your hand!

Merry Christmas to all and to all let’s have a good night! Start humming a carol and smile al lot. Be of good cheer and open your heart to all. It is the time that Jesus Christ celebrates his birth. Remember the first Noel and those who arrive at his stable. He had nothing. He just happened to be born King of Israel.

So until next year, be of good spirit and know that He is God and He rules the world with truth and grace. Certainly that should give us the courage to strive for a better life and in turn help those in need.

God Bless Us All Everyone! AND IF YOU ARE DOWN AND OUT, get up and do something about it and stop being a MUNCH!