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Up, Up, Up! When Will It End?

By Glenn Arnette, lll

What is going on in this World of ours? The gas situation is really changing many things, but most of all it really is effecting travel in these United States. With gas close to the $4 mark, that means filling up your car can end your travel plans for the Summer. About three years ago a friend with a major motor home planed a trip from Florida to Alaska with many stops along the way and they budgeted around $10,000 for gas. With that trip delayed for a couple years it is back on and the cost for gas is now estimated at around $21,000. How can people travel with that kind of expense?

Let’s talk about food; i.e., eggs, bread, rice, and flour just to name a few items. Restaurants are half empty and the prices are still going up. I was in a local store last week and saw about 20 Chinese students on the rice aisle fighting over how many bags of rice they could pack into their grocery carts. What is going on?

We have war, we have more crime, we are being laughed at all over the World and no one seems to care. The dollar is almost worthless to all of us. From the Euro to the English Pound we are unable to afford traveling there. They are coming here with empty luggage going home with what we can’t afford.

I have had enough! What can one person do? Calling Washington does no good. Talking about the situation over coffee accomplishes nothing. The truckers tried a one day strike, worthless! Where are the Union bosses? Call out militia and start a Revolution. Save this world! Someone must bring us all together and let our voices be heard. This is the American way, but no one is listening. Open your windows and yell at the top of your voice, “I won’t take it anymore!” Tell your friends you will not pay those high prices and you will not be taxed anymore. Stop the corporate spending, stop electing the money spenders and send those who want the change to Washington. Hurry, we are drowning!

So until we do something about the situations, we will be traveling less, buying more and crying the blues. Where are the real Americans? I think we need to bring them a home from the war and let them run this land of ours. At least we will be in the presence of Patriots!

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