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FALL, 2009

The Buckler’s 20 Annual Christmas in September Craft Fair

By Glenn Arnette. lll

Fall is all about back to school, getting back to a regular schedule, exciting colors and cooler weather. It is the beginning of all the Craft’s Festivals, Art Shows, Cook-Off’s and more. It is the beginning of the buying season for the Holiday’s and special events. Here we go again!

Recently, I attended Buckler’s 20 Annual Christmas in September Craft Fair in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is an excellent show and offers so much for each and every visitor. The Buckler shows go all over the Southeast part of the United States and each year it seems to be bigger and better. Now with this 20 addition, you have better bring your money because you will want to buy!

On entrance to the show, the first thing on my right was a delicious FUDGE stand. Of course I had to stop and buy a pound cut into small pieces to enjoy while attending the event. There is everything from food samples, clothing, crafts, jewelry, creams, furniture, candles, and more. It even has the smell of Christmas in the air because of all the decorations found in a number of booths. The Daytona show is divided into two buildings and to my eyes, they were packed with people. There is no problem with the economy when it comes to CRAFTS and Christmas!

If you have never been to a Christmas Craft Show, it is not all about Christmas. From the country to the new age, you will find something for everyone. It is really fun just being around other people, especially before the flu season begins!

Thanks to June Font this organization has standards and you just don’t find cheap, leftover traveled merchandise in each booth. It is new, up to date, and exciting when you take the adventure around the floor. I have been going to this show for years and it never gets boring. 

Knowing this operation and being a Christian myself and understanding their love for Jesus, you can see why they are successful. Read there statement and you will know.

“We feel that our purpose is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. We believe that we honor Him by producing good work, being honest, being on time and generally being a business that you respect and want to work with again. What makes us strive for these goals so diligently is our love and relationship with Jesus Christ. Since Jesus has made such a difference in our lives we would like to share with you how we know that we have eternal life with Him and how you can know too.”

If you want to read about them and check out their schedule of places they will be over the next year, go to your computer and on the search bar put Buckler’s Craft Fairs or type

A craft fair is just good old American fun! It is a real family event. It takes about two hours to really enjoy the booths and that will give you time to chat with those you find interesting. Don’t rush, take time to enjoy!

Until next time go to or

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