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21ST Annual Event, Christmas in September!

By Glenn Arnette, III

Fall is here and the Craft Fairs and Fall Festivals are in the air! Here we go again! I look forward to my search each year for the unusual and new items being offered throughout the country. My favorite Craft Show is the one offered around the Southeast known as the Buckler’s Craft Fair. It has many stops in various communities and certainly offers a vast array of crafts from Fall items to Christmas possibilities. It is a day to stroll, relax and enjoy the world of people and dreams created by creative people. My selections for this year are unusual. Hopefully you will this so too!

First I ran into Sharon Dube and she offers the YUMMY Microwave Baked Potato Pouch. At first I thought this was a joke until every woman in the place started telling me about how grand it is. It is a pouch where you place Baked, Sweet and New Potatoes inside wrapped in paper towels, as well as corn on the cob and breads. They cook completely and fast and do not try out or cause the breads to become tough. True! So I bought me a little pouch and “it works”! Great stocking possibility or Christmas gift. To order, call Sharon at


From another booth I discovered Jack and Carole Paskins and their Home Fields. If you are a sports fan and have favorite baseball fields or hometown Champs, this is the stop for a three dimensional cut out Sports stadium. From the Yankees to the Boston Red Socks field or the Atlanta Braves to the Cincinnati Reds home fields, it is all there and more. This is really something for that special Christmas gift. Contact them at [email protected] or call 813-788-6363.

My next stop was at the VIGOA Cuisine booth. This is the home of the world famous Canary Island Garlic and Herb Splash. This is s 200 year old recipe! Developed by Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh, this product is all natural and made with 100 % infused olive oil. It also comes in a Hot Splash and a Lime Splash. In the booth we found David Dershimer offering samples of the products on small pieces of bread. This is delicious and worth the try. Contact them at or call 1-800-975-2677. By-the-way, David’s family hails from the days of Cypress Gardens in Florida as skiers and they were famous in their own right. Thanks to David we bought about five or six bottles!

There is always one stop for sure when you visit a Buckler’s Craft Fair and that is the home of the world famous spices, Strawberry Tree Farms. There you will find everything from soup to some of the best spices including my favorite the Go Go Garlic. You can use this on just about everything and it turns ordinary cooking into gourmet chef quality! If you enjoy delicious soup try the Louisiana Chowder and add corn and shrimp. I had it last night and entertained friends who were very impressed. Thanks to Ted, Alexis, Lauren, 

Michelle Hay.

Great company gang! You can contact them for their collection at [email protected] or call 888-922-4438.

At the Butterflies n’ things booth Peter and Helen Schubackh offered live larvae in a plastic cup with lid where you can watch a butterfly hatch in front of your eyes. Upon its creation, you can release it the air. This certainly was a complete fascination to many young people during the day and many were sold. From the larvae to actual art work created by the displays of butterflies, you will never go wrong for this special gift. Contact them at or call 407-696-9009.

The creation of “Wee Rooms, etc” is so cleaver as you can find villages, manger scenes, etc. folded in a box with lid for storage. You just open and it is completely displayed for all to see. Simply fold in the four sides and “poof”, it’s packed away. What a great gift for a family for Christmas. Contact them at 941-629-6086. Thank you Pat and Ed Bremen for being so creative in your crafts!Finally there was the Strickland Crafts Country Treasures for the home. Meet Rosie, the doll, she was my hit of the show. The treasures of this booth are far and wide. You will find something for every member of your family.

Terry and Donna Strickland had one of the largest collections in the show. You can contact them at [email protected] or call 941-371-8798.

Another year and more CONGRATULATIONS to the Buckler’s Craft Fair, 2010. This one was better than ever. I found many new booths and some of the past years greats! Please let me come back again! For additional information and scheduled dates or to participate in the Craft Fair for your area, go to of call 386-860-0092. Happy shopping!

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