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Berkeley County

By Glenn Arnette, lll

It was one of those nice warm nights when I arrived in Moncks Corner, South Carolina for another travel adventure. This time I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce had made arrangements for me to stay at the Holiday Inn Express. This is one of the best chain hotels around the country and always offers great staff, comfortable rooms and a fantastic breakfast! Thanks to Parkie Crank, a very personable person at the front desk, I was welcomed and received the key to my mini suite. It was complete in every detail. 

The bed was ready, the air conditioning was cold enough and the shower was one of the best I have ever enjoyed! I would love to know how I can get one of those classy shower curtains. When In Moncks Corner touring the Low Country, this is the central place to stay for all attractions in Berkeley County.

Now History is the word for this area! If you saw the movie, The Patriot and The Notebook, you will want to visit the historical attractions. There is something about Berkeley County that beckons you to overwhelming beauty. For the life of me, I would have never considered this area without staying in Charleston, as it is only about 30 minutes away. What a mistake that would have been!

Berkeley County (Moncks Corner area) is perfect for seeing Cypress Gardens, the Mepkin Abbey and the Old Santee Canal Park. This is worth your time and makes for a perfect family vacation.Not only is this area beautiful, you can hear the sounds of history from the battle fields to deep in the swamps. Cypress Gardens is the first Cypress Gardens and not the one you might think in Florida. The Old Santee Canal was the first Canal in the United States and not the Erie Canal in the Buffalo, New York area. The land of Mepkin Abbey was donated by publisher and philanthropist, 

Henry R. Luce and his wife, the Honorable Clare Boothe Luce. It was the original home of Henry Laurens who was a patriot and statesmen and President of the Continental Congress. Many years later and in 1949 it became the place where people retreat to find peace, joy and perspective, known as Mepkin Abbey. Berkeley County is also the home and burial place for Frances Marion, the Swamp Fox!

If you did nothing else on your visit to Berkeley County, you with thank me a thousand times. It was absolutely 100% more than I ever thought. The historical attractions are the beginnings of the United States. For example, have you seen the “Little David”? I am not talking about Bible history; I am talking about a Moncks Corner-Made Craft that delivered the First Successful Torpedo-Boat attack in Naval Warfare history located at the Old Santee Canal Park. 

Then try the Blackwater Cypress Swamp boat ride at Cypress Gardens where the black water protects you from mosquitoes and other bugs. This really got my interest!

This only begins a series of stories around the Low Country of South Carolina. I will take you to each of the places mentioned and offer you wonderful pictures to capture the history. Hopefully, you will make reservations, pack your bags and step into history in the Berkeley county area. 

Wait until I tell you about Queen Anne’s Revenge, Gilligan’s and the Firewater Grill. Low Country food is the best! I will be offering you two of the best recipes and you will want them in your collection; i.e., Golden Oyster Stew and the Ultimate Pecan Pie! Until next time email your thoughts and questions to [email protected] and visit one of our travel websites at or paste the following for our latest printed story.