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By Glenn Arnette, lll

This is an amazing story of discovery and considered as a modern day fairytale. It all happened in a little place called Castle Rock, Colorado.

“Once Upon A Time”, there were two lovely people named Han and Johan. They lived in a small place with lots of land and a small factory just up the road, over the hill and across the way. For some reason it seemed destined that these two people would live in the United States and bring with them a dream from

Bruges, Belgium.

When you think of a special desert, you might not think of that desert as being a vegetable. Well, Han and Johan brought with them from Europe a complete factory of love, taste, talent and CHOCOLATE. Now, if you have imagined the Wonka Chocolate Factory you have missed the point of the story. In this Castle Rock factory each piece of delicious chocolate is individually hand made and comes in the most exciting shapes and sizes. Each center of the candy have it own fresh individual taste and there are dozens of different flavors. The Chocolate comes from Belgium, the people are Belgian Chocolatiers and they use Belgian recipes and products. Imagine with me now as you close your eyes and taste the chocolate of Caramel Apple, Champagne Cork, Eggnog, Lavender, Orange Delight, Praline, Vanilla Cream and Rum Delight just to mention a few. This list goes on and on and each piece is made daily to guarantee it fresh right from your hand to your mouth.

The story continues because Han and Johan are very kind and have hearts of gold. They are very serious about their candy and will not settle for anything less than perfection. Their dreams are expanding each day and one day very soon you will be finding this candy all over the Untied States and Canada. They are now in the process of expanding beyond to Colorado area into other parts of the Country. It was my pleasure while in Denver area to visit one of those franchise operations. Chris Toomey and his wife MaryFrances are the owners and offer only the best of the Belvedere all natural chocolates. The shop is nicely appointed right in the heart of the college section of Boulder, Colorado. Fresh candy is delivered daily and they offer unique and unusual pieces including chocolate boxes, chocolate rabbits, hearts, and more. As a matter of fact, they will do special chocolate designs upon your request. To contact them or t to place an order, call 303-663-2364 or go to the website at, click Order Online.

The goal of Han and Johan is to produce for the public a chocolate of quality, not quantity! If it is not the best Belgian Chocolate you have ever tasted, they will be very sad. From corporate to personal chocolates that you might need for special occasions; i.e., weddings, birthdays, parties, logo’s for your business, they will design anything you need. This is be the perfect way for the Easter Bunny to make someone 

special very happy!

So, how can you become a part of this delicious dream and bring some to your family? You call them at

303-663-2364. Most of all don’t forget their website! Be sure to mention my name as they might consider giving you an extra piece of the best chocolate this side of heaven!

Until next time, Google my name and read other travel adventures: Glenn Arnette, lll

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