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Backyard Birds and Garden Frills , York, Maine

By Glenn Arnette, lll

When I discover something special while traveling as a journalist, you can be sure that I will tell you all about it. While in York, Maine about three weeks ago I happened to stumble upon this wonderful shop, “BACKYARD BIRDS & GARDEN FRILLS”. Now I was not into doing the “bird thing” until I found this most exciting “bird world”. I never thought there were things like a heated bird spa, heated meal worm feeders and something to keep the birds water from freezing. Leave it up to those people in New England!

After being in the antique business for over 18 years, Judy Lambert, her husband Rex and now Kelly, their daughter decided to bring the family hobbies into the business; i.e., birding and gardening. What a smart move and what a combination for probably one of the most professional shops I have ever been in. As a former owner of a number of retail establishments and knowing the work you put into it, this is a class act. It is so professionally designed and displayed that you enjoy every moment of your shopping experience. This is personal service with lots of pride for each and every customer.

After visiting BACKYARD BIRDS & GARDEN FRILLS a number of times in the York area, it certainly educated me about wild birds, garden items and distinctive home accents. First of all the building is something out of a movie. It is located next to a marsh and provides a natural sanctuary for birds and wildlife. It is for sure you will see many different birds flying around just outside the entrance and when you enter the shop, believe me there will be bird chirping everywhere.

What a paradise!

Exquisitely decorate and that special smile from Judy makes this a pleasant place to visit. It is truly beautifully appointed with everything you can imagine and even many things you have never seen. From furniture, antiques, candles, birdhouses, collectables, this shop takes you away to another world. Now 25 years in business and operating year round, this is a must when in Maine.

Now, if you enjoy special and unique items and gifts, contact Judy at BACKYARD BIRDS 7 GARDEN FRILLS as she has all the knowledge to go along with the shop. She is the professional and has the answers. Call her at 207-363-8181 or email: [email protected]

While there a good friend of mine purchased a bird chirping machine as a gift. Now I find myself surrounded by birds while enjoying my waterway dock in Florida! It is amazing how this machine attracts birds!

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