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“A Family Moment!”

By Glenn Arnette, lll

It’s all about chickens, goats, cows, flowers, food, rides, cotton candy, candy apples and happy people!

This time of year brings about the County Fair or the State Fair. I can remember the wonderful times I had in Columbia, South Carolina each year for the Carolina / Clemson game and the State Fair. It was a day to dress in your fine clothes, give your lady a crasamathon with you team initial make out of a pipe cleaner on the top in the team colors, tailgate with the finest china and the best of foods, then go to the social event of the year, the football game. Those were the days!

For some reason a Fair brings out the child in all of us. Just walking around the booths learning about all of the new items you can buy or viewing the accomplishments of children in schools or on the farm makes us realize that nothing has really changed. On entrance I always grab a bag of peanuts, knowing that in about an hour I will probably have cotton candy, a slice of pizza, a steak sandwich followed by a cinnamon roll. With the stomach full of goodies, it is time to ride the Swings, the Ferris Wheel, the Zipper, and take a trip through the Haunted House.

Don’t forget about the Glass House with all those crazy mirrors and then you have the guys trying to guess your weight for a prize.

Every time I pass the floating ducks, I always remember how much fun I had as a child trying to capture the best prize. Today, things have changed somewhat. The rides are about the same, the food greasy, but the prices are up. I always go on the first night because it is FREE and the rides only cost one dollar! On any other day you will pay $8 for entrance and way more than a dollar to have a ride. The games of chance are $3 and $5 and a sandwich of any combination is up to $7 - $8. Regardless of all you may think, you can still enjoy the dust, the smell and the crowds. Everyone is happy just doing whatever they can to enjoy the experience with the kids. From all the free bands, beauty pageants and special attractions to the smell of the animals, this is still the best adventure only offered once a year. Just think you could be eating a candy apple right now!

When you make your plans, remember your jacket, sunglasses, a cap or hat, and a good pair of walking shoes that will get dirty on your walk. Have fun, smile, say hello and take time to chat with the many fun people you will run into while on the midway! The lights at night bring” visions of sugar plums and they dance in the air!”

As you drive away from you “time out”, take the good times home and know that next year, the Fair will return for another season! Happy Fall!

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